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 Basic Science
 Basic Work Related (SEAC)
 World History/Basic Social Studies
 Adaptive PE
 U.S. Government/Basic Social Studies
 U.S. History/Basic Social Studies

Grading Scale for all Classes (Adaptive PE is Pass/No Credit):

F= 0 / student does not attend class regularly or fails to participate

F= .5 / student has limited knowledge of concepts

D= 1 / student is working on knowing

C= 2 / student knows some of the material

B= 3 / student knows most of the material - could teach/tutor other students in class

A= 4 / Mastery of material

Basic Science Syllabus :

Description: This course is designed to expand the student's ability to apply their working knowledge of several basic areas of science including topics in physical science, Earth science and weather.

Course Standards/Essential Learning: The students will be able to apply the knowledge gained from this class to their everyday lives. Students will learn to anticipate weather changes and understand the causes of those changes. They will learn the laws of motion and understand the safety related to these laws.

Learning materials: Text book= AGS General Science / Google Chrome computers / AEA supplies as needed

U.S. History Syllabus :

Description: Students will study the development of the United States from 1870 to Present. Students will study cause and effect of major milestones, drawing and supporting conclusions as to how they influence contemporary United States policy and decisions. 

Course Standards/Essential Learning: The development of an historical perspective of change and interactions among individuals, groups, and institutions. Basic understanding of themes throughout U.S. history such as Power and Authority, Religious Systems, Economics, Cultural Interactions and Improvements in Technology. Overview of Geography and its impact on U.S. history.

Learning Materials: Text Book=  ,History Alive ; District Curriculum guide and Unpacking Tool

Basic Work Related / SEAC :

Description: This course is designed to improve a student’s ability to attain and hold a job through the exposure given through the SEAC program. Students will learn the basics of inter-personal and intra-personal skills. The students will learn how to dress, speak and act for an interview. Students will learn the proper way to interact with peers in the work setting. Students will work directly with a Job Coach from VODEC when appropriate.

Course Standards/Essential Learning: The students will develop a resume’ with references. Students will create a Cover Letter format for developing a cover letter to use when applying for a job. Students will be asked to gather a Letter of Recommendation. Students will participate in lectures with guest speakers. Students will be able to identify poor behaviors in others when presented to them. The students who are in the Basic Work Related class should actively seek employment. Maintaining the job will allow the student to receive “work study” credits based on hours worked. (hours must be verifiable)

Learning Materials: AGS English for the World of Work ; SEAC work books and guides

Adaptive PE :

Description: This Physical education class is designed to enable our students, including those who are physically challenged, to become physically active, learn the benefits of activity and learn to interact with others in an appropriate manner. The class will allow opportunities for students to enhance their physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Course Standards/Essential Learning: Students are expected to participate at a level commensurate with their abilities in all areas listed above.

Learning Materials: Games and activities that promote physical interaction of the students.