Mr Smiths Classes


Basic Science   

The students will begin to develop an understanding of general science concepts. Students will discuss and understand the atom and how it is the building block of matter. They will begin the study of the forms of matter. Students will work towards an understanding of the relationship between atoms, elements, ions and forms of matter that are in everything around us. 

United States History

Nationalism and Imperialism: Class discussion and Outline formatted notes designed to help students understand the impact of Nationalism and Imperialism and how these ism's have affected the people and governments of the world to this day. Students will understand the positive and negative impacts that these ideals had on people and progress. 

Students will successfully pass the  Assessment for Unit 7. 

Basic Work Related / SEAC

Students are developing resumes and finding the types of information that are needed to be noticed. Open discussion with the VoDec Job Coach and the classroom teachers will help them identify their strengths while creating a resume document that will be able to grow with them. Group question and answer sessions will be utilized throughout this section to give students an opportunity to clarify and identify information that is important in the workplace regarding anger and how to properly address negative situations. Students will begin to form an understanding of financial institutions and how to manage their personal finances. They will look at financial safety along with financial planning methods. Continued discussion of workplace conduct and proper methods of expressing anger at work. Interpersonal relations in the workplace are a priority of this program. Networking skills will be developed to help students understand how they can get into the careers that they want, not just get a job.

Adaptive PE

Students will start each day with a warm-up walk and then simple exercises designed to develop flexibility and dexterity in students who may have difficulty with some basic motor skills. The class will then play various games depending upon the day and previous selection by the students. All students are encouraged to participate and learn the games. Many adaptations are incorporated to keep the students involved and make the class enjoyable. The game is changed each day.